Sinopec’s first unmanned Easy Joy store opens in Beijing

Text/Gao Jun, Wang Ling  Photo/Hu Qingming

Sinopec launched its first 24-hour unmanned Easy Joy convenience store in Beijing on August 1. Customers can swipe their cards to get in the store, select goods themselves, and use their smartphones for payments at a checkout register.

The customers made purchases at the unmanned Easy Joy store on August 9.


       8月1日,第一家24小时易捷无人服务便利店在北京正式开业运营。刷卡进入完全无人值守的便利店后,顾客可任意选择商品,最后在无人收银机上通过手机付款。图为8月9日,顾客在无人超市进行自助购物和结账。 (胡庆明 摄 高君 王伶 文)