Technological Innovation??

Exploration & Production Technology

?Exploration technology for marine sedimentation

?Exploration technology for

?continental sedimentation


Refining Technology

?Refining Technology?

?Refining & chemical integrated


Chemical Technology

?Olefins & Aromatics production technology

?Basic organic raw material production


Utility Engineering Technology

?Safety technology

?Energy saving technology


New energy

In 2017, the company carried out the innovation-driven development strategy in depth, giving high priority to R&D and following the basic principles of development-orientation, deepening reform, strengthening incentives, open-up and coordination. We focused on the supply-side structural reform, continued to deepen systematic reform of R&D mechanism, sped up research on key technologies, reinforced study on cutting-edge technologies and new areas, so as to increase the capacity to support and guide the company's businesses.


The company firmly seizes historic opportunity of the new S&T revolution and industrial transformation, actively address the requirements of the national information strategy, accelerates deep integration of informatization and industrialization, vigorously promotes intelligent manufacturing, actively fosters new forms of “Internet+”, strives to build a national benchmark, and injects strong driving force into pattern shift, structure adjustment, and improvement in quality, efficiency and upgrading.

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